Month of the Precious Blood (Responsories)
July 01, 2023
Fr. John Colacino C.PP.S.

The following responsories may accompany the readings for the month of the Precious Blood in lieu of the ones provided.


Dignus es, Dómine, accípere librum et aperíre signácula eius, quóniam occísus es et redemísti nos Deo. 
*In sánguine tuo. V. Fecísti enim nos Deo nostro regnum et sacerdótes. *In sánguine tuo.
You are worthy, Lord, to receive the book and open its seals, since you were slain and redeemed us for God. 
*By your blood. V. For you have made us a kingdom and priests for our God. *By your blood.
O vere digna hóstia, cuius róseo cruóre salus mundo et vitae réddita erant práemia. *Qui pro nobis pérditis sui sánguinis solvit prétium. V. Qui própriam ánimam ponens et resúmens tyránnum trudens vinculo, nobis reserávit paradísum. *Qui pro nobis.
O truly fitting sacrifice, through whose crimson blood salvation and the re- wards of life were restored to the world. *Who paid the price of His blood for us lost ones. V. He who, laying down and taking up his own life again, thrusting the tyrant into a chains, unlocked paradise for us. *Who paid the price.
Dómine Jesu Christe, salus et vita moriéntium, qui hóminem pérditum redemísti.  *Propter quem tuum pretiósum sánguinem mortis exsolvísti prétium. 
V. Memor esto congregatiónis tuae, quam possedísti ab inítio, pro qua non dubitábas mánibus tradi nocéntium, ut hóminem liberáres a morte. *Propter quem tuum. 
V. Glória Patri qui próprio Fílio non pepércit, glória eius Unigénito, pro nobis morti trádito, et Spirítui Sancto. *Propter quem tuum.
Lord Jesus Christ, salvation and life of the dying, you redeemed lost man,  *on whose account you paid the price of death, your precious blood. 
V. Be mindful of your assembled worshippers, whom you have held as your own from the beginning. For them you did not hesitate to be delivered into the hands of the wicked, so that you might free man from death. *On whose account. 
V. Glory be to the Father. who did not spare His own son, glory to His only-begotten Son, who was consigned to death for our sake, and glory to the Holy Spirit. *On whose account.
Verbum Patris aetérni, vera salus
et única spes mundi. *Tuo redémptos sánguine, aeternálibus, Dómine Jesu
Christe, non exclúdas a núptiis.
V. Assisténtes ergo tuae laudi sérvulos
salva et quos redemísti.
*Tuo redémptos sánguine.
Word of the eternal Father,
true salvation and only hope of theworld. *Lord Jesus Christ, do not
exclude those redeemed by your blood
from the eternal wedding feast.
V. Therefore preserve your humble
servants, who minister to your praise
and whom you have redeemed.
*Lord Jesus Christ.
Primogénito Patris - de sinu
procedénti qui descéndens ab
altis nos próprio sánguine solvit a
morte, - *digna laudum vota solvámus
benedicéntes illi. V. Qui carnis nostrae
trábea indútus homo factus servum
redémit. *Digna laudum vota.
To the first-born Son going forth
from the bosom of the Father, who,
descending from on high, released us
from death with His own blood. *Let
us deliver worthy offerings of praise,
blessing Him. V. He who was made
man, garbed in the robe of our flesh,
redeemed His servant. *Let us deliver.
Complétis scriptis, a prophétis
praeténtis, Dóminus crucem
sanctíficans *Sánguine fuso Levíathan
sub clave pressit hostilémque
tyránnidem cessáre fecit. V. Recordátus
Dóminus verbi, quod promíserat
Ábrahae fidéli suo. *Sánguine
fuso. V.Glória Patri ingénito, laus
eius Unigénito, et Spirítui Sancto.
*Sánguine fuso.
In fulfillment of the writings set out
by the prophets, the Lord, sanctifying
the cross *With the blood He shed,
held Leviathan fast under lock and
key and brought to a halt the tyrant.
V. The Lord remembered the word He
had promised to his faithful Abraham.
*With the blood He shed. Glory to the
unbegotten Father, and praise to His
only-begotten Son, and to the Holy
Spirit. *With the blood He shed.
Sanguis tuus, Dómine, peccátum de peccáto damnans in mortem, *Pópulo det redémpto, ut a peccáto liber, et ab hoste sit secúrus. V. In quo nos Deo nostro fecísti regnum et sacerdótes, sanguis tuus, Dómine, ne pereámus cum ímpiis. *Pópulo det redémpto.
To deal with sin condemning sin to death, *May your blood, Lord, grant to the people you have redeemed that they be free from sin and safe from the enemy. V. Your blood, Lord, with which you have made us a kingdom and priests for our God, lest we perish with the wicked. *May your blood.
Grátia domínica de morte triúmphans, callidi serpentis fraudem cónterens, hostem superávit. *Pro liberándis poena quos ténuit. V. Per cuius undam sánguinis quam devorárat ímpius absórtam refúdit tártarus praedam. *Pro liberándis.
The grace of the Lord, triumphing over death and treading the cunning serpent with his deceit, has overcome the enemy. *In order to free those who were held in torment. V. Through the tide of His blood, which the wicked had drained, hell has disgorged the prey it had engulfed. *In order to free.
Summa laus Jesu Christo sit per aevum, qui dum ligni maledíctum factus est propter hóminem. *Ad óvile Patris lapsus tractus est homo. V. Cuius dum mílitis láncea latus foderétur, sanguis efflúxit per quem morte devícta. *Ad óvile Patris. V.Glória Patri et Fílio et Spirítui Sancto. Sicut érat prímo et nunc et semper *Ad óvile Patris.
The highest praise be given through all eternity to Jesus Christ. While He was made a reviled object on the cross for man’s sake, *Fallen man was led to the fold of the Father. V. When His side was pierced by the soldier’s spear, the blood flowed forth, through which, after death was vanquished, *Fallen man. V. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As was first, and now, and always *Fallen man.