Sanguis Christi 2024 Offerings
November 26, 2023
Fr. John Colacino C.PP.S.


As we welcome a new liturgical year on December 3, the First Sunday of Advent, please note the following offerings that will be available on this "Virtual Mission House" for 2024.  

Sunday Liturgy Resource -- As with the past 4 years, a resource for the Sunday liturgy will appear including the proper chants, collect, homily, music and intercessions along with quotations for the Catena Aurea Nova — a homage to the classic collection of St. Thomas Aquinas.  This year is Cycle B of the Lectionary with gospel readings coming primarily from Mark.  

Feast Days and Saints' Days -- I will be adding a second series of entries for the Acta Sanctorum  — a homage to the encyclopedic work of the Bollandists on the lives of the saints.  Those that appeared last year will be included again with a reading for Year B.  Entries for solemnities and feasts of the Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary will also be provided. 

Advent --  the third series on the Apocalypse of John (Book of Revelation) will be guided this year by British Scripture scholar Margaret Barker.

Church Unity Octave — Entires will be provided to observe the week of prayer for Christian unity from January 18-25.

Lent -- Each day of the Lenten season will feature an entry from the Book of Exodus with commentary, a musical selection and collect.  

Month of May — a daily entry will provide a Scripture passage, reading, musical selection and collect in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Month of the Precious Blood — each day of July will include an entry on the Blood of Christ including readings from scripture and other authors along with other suggestions for prayer.

Season of Creation (September 1-October 4) --  This year's entries will be guided by the poetry of Thomas Merton and Jessica Powers along with Pope Francis' recent apostolic letter on the environment Laudate Deum.  

Month of the Holy Souls — a second series of readings, music and collect for each day of November will be provided for reflection and prayer on behalf of the faithful departed.

Eucharistic Revival -- In response to the American bishops' call for a "Eucharistic revival," the Precious Blood Gems for 2024 will feature a quotation on the Blood of Christ in a Eucharistic context.  

Devotions -- Interspersed throughout the year will be the customary devotions including Stations of the Cross for Lent; the Novena to St. Joseph (March 10-18); the Pentecost Novena (May 10-18), and the Novena to the Transforming Light (August 6-14). 

I hope this wide array of biblical, theological, spiritual and liturgical resources will enrich your ongoing Christian formation throughout the coming year of our Lord.

Fr. John Colacino C.PP.S.