Precious Blood Gems (February)
February 01, 2022
Fr. John Colacino C.PP.S.



Feb 1

You desire our friendship. Who can refuse to give it to you, who did not refuse to shed all your blood for us by sacrificing your life? St. Teresa of Avila

Feb 2

Let us sign our foreheads with this sacred blood, that with this sign we may go to the eternal Father and tell him that his only Son has paid for us; that we have run and found the goal all red and glowing, for it is Jesus on His cross, bleeding and dying for love. St. Catherine de Ricci

Feb 3

Christ declared that the chalice which comes from his creation was his blood and he makes it the nourishment of our blood. St. Irenaeus of Lyons

Feb 4

The Blood of Jesus is our only hope and our only Good—this Blood, shed with so much pain and so much love for our eternal salvation. Let our hearts be filled with courage, fearing nothing, not even death, so that at every moment the Precious Blood be glorified, loved and blessed by all!  St. Maria de Mattias

Feb 5

The Lord redeemed everyone with Christ’s blood, “everyone, not only Catholics. Everyone”. And atheists? “They too. It is this blood that makes us children of God”. Pope Francis

Feb 6

We must sacrifice ourselves to God, each day and in everything we do, accepting all that happens to us for the sake of the Word, imitating his Passion by our sufferings, and honouring his blood by shedding our own. We must be ready to be crucified.  St. Gregory Nazianzen

Feb 7

Place in thy heart one drop of the Precious Blood of Jesus and fear nothing. Bl. Pope Pius IX

Feb 8

Christ ransomed us from our servitude to the world, as he had ransomed Israel from the hand of Egypt; he freed us from our slavery to the devil, as he had freed Israel from the hand of Pharaoh. He sealed our souls with his own Spirit, and the members of our body with his own blood. St. Melito of Sardis

Feb 9

Christ permitted his side to be opened that the new Eve, his virginal Bride, the Church, the Mother of all the liv­ing, might be formed from it. He willed to give her the Blood of Redemption, the water of purification, and His own Spirit, the three that render testimony upon earth. Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich

Feb 10

The flowing stream that issued from the side of Christ as he slept on the Cross became the blood and water of the rebirth of the Church, the renewed stream flowing from the middle of Paradise, a stream eternal and inaccessible flowing sweet and clear, the fountain of life itself. St. Bonaventure

Feb 11

As the most beautiful creation of his redemptive death, Mary is the person for whom Christ shed his redeeming blood most liberally and with the most fervent sacrificial love. Fr. Edward Schillebeeckx

Feb 12

Lord Jesus, Good Shepherd, who laid down your life for the sheep, defend the purchase of your blood. Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, seek for the lost, convert the wandering, bind up that which is broken. St. Ethelwold of Lindisfarne

Feb 13

Notice who is suffering, and what, and for whom, and how dearly he buys your love and how easily he gives himself up for you, and may the weakness of the one hanging on the cross be yours, the pallor of his trembling limbs be yours, the shedding of his blood be yours, the dying breath of the crucified one be yours. Stephen of Sawley

Feb 14

The Divine Blood is the Price of our Redemption, healing balm for our souls, tender consolation in our labors; . . . it is the source of all the good we possess. Let us be bold and let us place our confidence in the merits of the Precious Blood. St. Gaspar del Bufalo

Feb 15

O adorable Jesus, by your Blood, by your Wounds, and by your Sacred Heart, I ask You to grant that by consecrating to You all that I am, I may this day become a new work of Your love. Amen.  St. Claude la Colombiere

Feb 16

As a woman feeds her child with her own blood and milk, so too Christ himself continually feeds those whom he has begotten with his own blood.  St John Chrysostom

Feb. 17

I place my trust in You, O adorable Blood, our Redemption, our regeneration. Fall, drop by drop, into the hearts that have wandered from You and soften their hardness. St. Albert the Great

Feb 18

The memory of the Precious Blood will entirely detach you from all things contrary to the will of God. St. Catherine of Siena

Feb 19

Let Christ’s side be opened, and let the virgin Church come forth. Just as when Eve was made from the side of a sleeping Adam, so the Church was formed from the side of Christ, hanging on the cross. For his side was pierced, as the Gospel says, and immediately there flowed out blood and water, which are the twin sacraments of the Church: the water, which became her bath; the blood, which became her dowry. St. Quodvultdeus of Carthage

Feb 20

Didn’t you see that it was the Blood that fell from the Host? I felt that God was within me, but I did not know how! St. Jacinta Marto

Feb 21

The sight of a Christian’s lips red with the Blood of Christ terrifies the enemy. He immediately recognizes the sign of his own ruin. He cannot stand the instrument of divine victory by which he was taken captive and cast down. St. Peter Damian

Feb 22

Although St. Peter loved the mount of Tabor and fled from the mount of Calvary, the latter was nevertheless of greater profit than the former, and the blood that is shed on the one is more desirable than the radiance shed on the other. St. Francis de Sales

Feb 23

All things in heaven and on earth are subject to Christ. Every spirit serves him. He comes as the Judge of the living and the dead. God will require justice for his blood from those who do not believe in Him. St. Polycarp of Smyrna

Feb 24

The Blood of Jesus is the supreme manifestation of the Father’s love. St. Thomas Mary Fusco

Feb 25

O love who has chosen me for yourself, with your precious blood, sanctify me in charity.  St. Gertrude 

Feb 26

Do I believe that I have been recreated through the blood of Christ and do I want to pursue this recreation until that day when we shall see the new city, the new creation? Pope Francis

Feb 27

Do not let the taste of your light
Be for me death,
Nor the cup of the blood from your side
Be for me condemnation  St. Gregory of Narek

Feb 28

Once only did he shed the blood of one who was born just and needed no justification; once that blood had been shed the seducer lost his claim upon all his captives. Those for whom innocent blood had been poured out are redeemed, and released from captivity  St. Augustine of Hippo