Month of the Precious Blood (Psalmody)
July 31, 2024
Fr. John Colacino C.PP.S.

(These psalms may be used on alternating days during the month of July to accompany the daily readings.)


INVITATORY (The following “Canticle of the Blood” may be used daily as an Invitatory)

let us adore Christ, the Son of God,
who has redeemed us with his blood.

Clap your hands, all you peoples,
sing unto God with a voice of jubilation.

For you, God, glorious and mighty,
have shown us mercy.

You have not spared your only Son,
but delivered him up in our behalf.

That you might redeem us
from our sins in Christ’s own blood;

That justified in the blood of Jesus
you might turn your anger from us;

That we who were separated
might be reconciled through the blood of Christ.

O God, my God, what can I render to you
for all the good you have bestowed upon me?

I will take the chalice of salvation,
and I will call upon the power of Christ’s blood.

Sing to Jesus, all you saints,
and make known the memory of his holiness.

For Christ indeed has loved us and washed us in his blood
and has become our helper and redeemer.

May Christ be blessed forever
who has wrought such wonders in us.

Blessed be Jesus for all ages,
and may the heavens and the earth be filled with the praises of his love.

Come, let us adore Christ, the Son of God,
who has redeemed us with his blood.

Amen. (St. Maria de Mattias, +1866)


Alternate Invitatory




Fíliae Sion, veníte et vidéte regem coronátum in cruce, cuius caro mundi vita, cuius sanguis redémptio. 1.Veníte, exsultémus Dómino; *iubilémus Deo salutári nostro. 2. Praeoccupémus fáciem eius in confessióne, *et in psalmis iubilémus ei.  Glória Patri et Fílio, *et Spirítui Sancto, 13. sicut erat in princípio, et nunc et semper, *et in sáecula saeculórum. Amen. Psalmus 94

Come, daughters of Zion, and see the King, crowned on the cross, whose flesh is the life of the world, whose blood is redemption. 1. O come, let us sing unto the Lord * let us make a joy- ful noise to the rock of our salvation. 2. Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving *and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.  Glory be to the Father, and to the Son *and to the Holy Spirit. 13. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be *world without end. Amen. Psalm 94

Series I


Antíphona 1 Auctor salútis ómnium, Iesu nostrum refúgium, te invocámus cérnui et indígni fámuli, sánguine quos próprio dignátus es redímere, iúngere dignéris patriarchárum cúneis. 1. Dómine, Dóminus noster, *quam admirábile est nomen tuum in univérsa terra; 2. Quóniam eleváta est magnificéntia tua *super caelos. Psalmus 8
Antiphon 1 Author of everyone’s salvation, Jesus, who are our refuge, We, your servants, bowing and unworthy, call upon you, those whom you thought worthy to redeem with your own blood, see fit to unite us with the companies of the patriarchs. 1. O Lord our Lord *how excellent is thy name in all the earth! 2. Who hast set thy glory *above the heavens. Psalm 8
Antíphona 2 Beáta vere cívitas, quam illústrat divínitas, Jerúsalem celéstibus exornáta lapídibus, in cuius edifícia nos addúcere dignéris, quos tuo Jesu Dómine liberásti sánguine. Psalmus 18 1.Caeli enárrant glóriam Dei, *et ópera mánuum eius annúntiat firmaméntum. 2.Dies diéi erúctat verbum,*et nox nocti índicat sciéntiam.
Antiphon 2 The city is truly blessed which your Godhead illuminates, Jerusalem adorned with celestial stones, into whose dwellings deem it fit to lead us, whom you set free, Lord Jesus, with your blood. Psalm 18 1.The heavens declare the glory of God *and the firmament sheweth his handy- work. 2. Day unto day uttereth speech *and night unto night sheweth knowledge.



Antíphona 3 Clementíssime Dómine, qui pro nostra miséria ab impiórum mánibus mortis supplícium pertulísti, líbera redémptos tuos ab inférni vorágine, et cuncta eis peccáta oblivióne perpétua dele, pro quibus venerándum corpus tradidísti atque preciósum sánguinem effudísti. 1. Dómini est terra et plenitúdo eius, *orbis terrárum, et univérsi qui hábitant in eo. 2. Quia ipse super mária fundávit eum, *et super flúmina praeparávit eum. Psalmus 23

Antiphon 3 Most merciful Lord, who for the sake of our wretchedness endured the pun- ishment of death at the hands of the wicked, set free from the infernal abyss those you have redeemed and blot out all their sins in lasting oblivion, those for whom you gave up your revered body and poured forth your precious blood. 1. The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof *the world, and they that dwell therein. 2. For he hath founded it upon the seas *and estab- lished it upon the floods. Psalm 23

Series II


Antíphona 4 Dómine, Rex omnípotens, líbera sérvulos tuos de princípibus tenebrárum et de locis poenárum, pro quibus tui sánguinis prétium exsolvísti. Christe, Dómine, duc nos ad consórtium electórum tuórum, cum quibus gáudeant in sáecula. 1. Deus noster refúgium et virtus, *adiútor in tribulatiónibus, quae invenérunt nos nimis. 2. Proptérea non timébimus dum turbábitur terra, *et transferéntur montes in cor maris. Psalmus 45
Antiphon 4 Lord, Almighty King, from the princes of darkness and from the regions of punishment free your humble servants, for whom you paid the price of your blood. Lord Christ, lead us to the fellowship of your elect, with whom we may rejoice for ever. 1. God is our refuge and strength *a very present help in trouble. 2. Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed *and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea. Psalm 45

Antíphona 5 Gregem tuum, Dómine, custódi, qui crucem propter hómines suscípere dignátus es, effúndens tuum sánguinem nostrae salútis prétium. Allelúia. 1. Iubiláte Deo, omnis terra, *2. servíte Dómino in laetítia; introíte in conspéctu eius *in exsultatióne. Psalmus 99
Antiphon 5 Guard your flock, Lord, you who deigned to assume the cross for the sake of mankind, shedding your blood as the price of our salvation. Alleluia. 1. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands *2. Serve the Lord with gladness *come before his presence with singing. Psalm 99 

Antíphona 6 Da, benigníssime Deus, hanc servis tuis misericórdiam, ut sint in número electórum tuórum quos cruóre tu próprio redímere dignátus es. 1. Deus, iudícium tuum regi da, * et iustítiam tuam fílio regis; 2 .iudicáre pópulum tuum in iustítia, *et páuperes tuos in iudício. Psalmus 71
Antiphon 6 Have compassion on your servants, most bounteous God, that they may be among the number of your elect, whom you deigned to redeem with your own blood. 1. Give the king thy judgments, O God *and thy righteous- ness unto the king´s son. 2. He shall judge thy people with righteousness *and thy poor with judgment. Psalm 71

Series III


Antíphona 7 Grátia Dei per Jesum Christum qui nos liberávit sui prétio sánguinis líberet nos de tenebrárum princípibus et constítuat in caelésti patria, gaudéntes secum in sempitérna glória. 1. Cantáte Dómino cánticum novum, *cantáte Dómino, omnis terra. 2. Cantáte Dómino, et benedícite nómini eius, *annuntiáte de die in diem salutáre eius. Psalmus 95
Antiphon 7 May the grace of God, through Jesus Christ, who freed us with the price of His blood. free us from the princes of darkness and set us in the celestial home, rejoicing with Him in everlasting glory. 1. Sing to the Lord a new song *sing unto the Lord, all the earth. 2. Sing unto the Lord, bless his name *shew forth his salvation from day to day. Psalm 95
Antíphona 8 Dómine, fons misericórdiae, in quo lavántur contágia delictórum, succúrre propítius redémptae famíliae tuae, et quam effusióne pretiósi sánguinis redemísti, post humánam conversatiónem dimíssis excéssibus sedes cleménter, pastor bone, largíre paradísi. 1. Dóminus regnávit, exsúltet terra, *laeténtur ínsulae multae. 2. Nubes et calígo in circúitu eius, *iustítia et iudícium corréctio sedis eius. Psalmus 92
Antiphon 8 Lord, fount of mercy, in which is washed away the contamination of our sins, graciously succour your redeemed family; and having redeemed them with the shedding of your precious blood, after their human life, with their sins remitted, benignly grant them, good shepherd, a place in Paradise. 1. The Lord reigneth * he is clothed with majesty. 2. The Lord is clothed with strength, wherewith he hath girded himself *the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved. Psalm 92



Antíphona 9 Ave regum Rex et Dómine, qui pietáte sola dilexísti tuum gregem, nec devitásti crucis fore maledíctum, ave nostra dulcédo, medicaméntum et médice, o sanctíssime Dómine, tuo pétimus salvári sanguine, pro quibus mors morti factus es, et morsus inférno. 1. Dóminus regnávit, irascántur pópuli; *qui sedet super Chérubim, moveátur terra. 2. Dóminus in Sion magnus, *et excélsus super omnes pópulos. Psalmus 98
Antiphon 9 Hail, King of kings and Lord, who loved your flock solely through your tenderness and did not shrink from being the reviled object on the cross. Hail, our sweet Lord, our cure and our curer. O most holy Lord, we beg to be preserved by your blood, we for whose sake you became the death of hell. 1. The Lord reigneth; let the people tremble *he sitteth between the cher- ubims; let the earth be moved. 2. The Lord is great in Zion *and he is high above all the people. Psalm 98