Precious Blood Gems (September)
September 30, 2023
Fr. John Colacino C.PP.S.
September 1. Let us implore an increase of fervor in the devotion to the divine Blood, the price of our redemption, the medicine and laver of our souls, the comfort and balm of our hearts.  St. Gaspar del Bufalo
September 2. Consider that even as the blood which comes from the heart of the pelican gives life to its little ones, so also the soul whom I nourish with the Divine Food which I present to it, receives a life which will never end.  St. Gertrude the Great
 September 3. When humans sinned, God had said: Earth you are, and to earth you will return. Earth does not cover over the blood of our Redeemer, for every sinner, as he drinks the blood that is the price of his redemption, offers praise and thanksgiving, and to the best of his power makes that blood known to all around him.  St. Gregory the Great
September 4.  In my own life, I have so often seen God’s merciful countenance, his patience; I have also seen so many people find the courage to enter the wounds of Jesus by saying to him: Lord, I am here, accept my poverty, hide my sin in your wounds, wash it away with your blood. And I have always seen that God did just this – he accepted them, consoled them, cleansed them, loved them. Pope Francis

September 5.  I tell you again that I love you, not for what you have or ceased to do, I love you for you, for the beauty and the dignity My Father gave you by creating you in His own image. It is a dignity you have often forgotten, a beauty you have tarnished by sin. But I love you as you are, and I have shed My Blood to rescue you. If you only ask Me with faith, My grace will touch all that needs changing in your life: I will give you the strength to free yourself from sin and from all its destructive power.  St. Teresa of Calcutta

September 6. Because we ourselves are unable to atone for so much wrong, we unite ourselves to the infinite merits of our Savior Jesus. Receive His Divine Blood as it mystically flows from His Holy Wounds, and offer it to the Father in perfect atonement for the sins of the world. St. Peter Julian Eymard
September 7. Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I a poor sinner, with sincere gratitude and love for your infinite goodness, which I had the opportunity to know through your precious grace, and moved in my innermost being by the unutterable misfortune of so many of my brothers who in distant lands have until now been beyond reach of the beautiful light of the Gospel, have decided at the cost of any sacrifice, even should I lose my life, to give myself totally for the salvation of those souls that also cost the Redeemer’s blood.  Bl. John Mazzocconi 

September 8. She also, the immaculate Mother and Queen of creation, must be bought by the Precious Blood. Frederick Faber

September 9. So you are refusing to approach  your neighbor redeemed  by the blood of Jesus Christ?  St. Peter Claver

September 10. As for the anointing of Aaron my brethren, it was the vile blood of beasts that it sprinkled on the horns of the altar. The anointing of truth is this; while the living and all-life-giving Blood is sprinkled inwardly in your bodies it is mingled in your understandings and is infused through your inmost chambers. St. Ephrem the Syrian

September 11. O Eternal Father, who, in order to save sinners, hast sent Thine only-begotten Son from Heaven to this earth, cast a look  from Heaven on the multitude of miserable sinners, and apply in their favor one drop of the Precious Blood which Thy Jesus  has shed for them! St. Joseph Cafasso

September 12. Come, come to rest on the sacred tree of the Cross; come, under its crimsoned boughs, take your delight and feed on its fruit; come and hide from the pursuit of the enemy of salvation; come and see from experience how sweet and light is the Lord’s yoke. … always be seen on the summit of the holy mountain holding in [your] hands the chalice of salvation and uniting [your] voices to that of the Precious Blood in order to beg grace and pardon for [yourselves] and all people. At the sight of this striking sign of the inexpressible love of his Word made flesh, the heart of our Father who is in heaven will be touched and the waves of his mercy will flow over every point of the globe.  Mother Catherine Aurelia

September 13   Christ suffered outside the camp, but His Blood was borne up into Heaven. You see then that we partake of Blood which has been carried into the Holy Place, the True Holy Place; of the Sacrifice of which the High Priest alone had the privilege. We therefore partake of the Reality.  St. John Chrysostom

September 14.  Never did our Lord Jesus Christ display such great love as when he suffered the torture of the Cross when he gave his life for us, and washed our sins with his precious Blood. Therefore with the cords of Love, he drew us all to himself upon the Cross that those who feel the drawing of his death and martyrdom might live with him in everlasting felicity. Meister Eckhart
September 15. This poor Mother had to suffer the grief of seeing that amiable and beloved Son unjustly snatched from her in the flower of His age by a barbarous death; for, by dint of torments and drained of all His blood, He was made to die on an infamous gibbet in a public place of execution, and this before her own eyes.  St. Alphonsus Liguori
September 16   [B]eing redeemed and quickened by the blood of Christ, we ought to prefer nothing to Christ, because He preferred nothing to us.  St. Cyprian of Carthage
September 17  Adam’s transgression was miraculously remade into salvation by the blood of the Son of God; not earlier, since no other but the Only-Begotten of God, sent into the world by the Father, could cancel that transgression and permit entry into Heaven. Therefore, unless the Son of God had shed His blood for human salvation, that transgression would have weighed Man down so much that he could not have attained to the joy of the citizens of Heaven. St. Hildegard of Bingen
September 18.  If you do not hear His voice, then listen to that which rolls from His side. For how could He not hear His own blood who heard the blood of Abel? St. Bernard of Clairvaux
September 19. All who desire to live well and to die well, must be careful to preserve to the very best of their power the white garment [of baptism]. But if it should contract some stains, we must wash it often in the blood of the Lamb; and this is done by true contrition and penitential tears. St. Robert Bellarmine
September 20.  May the great host of Asian martyrs, old and new, never cease to teach the Church in Asia what it means to bear witness to the Lamb in whose blood they have washed their shining robes (cf. Rev 7:14)! May they stand as indomitable witnesses to the truth that Christians are called always and everywhere to proclaim nothing other than the power of the Lord's Cross! And may the blood of Asia's martyrs be now as always the seed of new life for the Church in every corner of the continent! St. John Paul II
September 21.  He, called Father and Prince of time to come, though rejected, did not reject, but sought to attract runaways and orders the parricidal mob to call these back and is not reproachful if they perhaps reform in the end. He gathers to His peace those who spilled His blood.  St. Odo of Cluny

September 22.  If [the citizens of the heavenly city] they were to lose the knowledge of their past misery, how will they, as the psalm says, “sing the mercies of the Lord for all eternity.”  Nothing will give more joy to that City than this song to the glory of the grace of Christ by whose blood we have been set free.  St. Augustine of Hippo

September 23. Jesus did not measure his blood for the salvation of men, and is He likely to measure my sins to allow me to be lost? I do not think so. St. Pio of Pietrelcina

September 24.  Look at the Lord on the cross. Look at the great Priest on the altar, offering himself as a victim pleasing to the heavenly and eternal Father, Look at the Bridegroom of our souls on the nuptial bed, inviting us to unite ourselves lovingly with him. Look at our teacher instructing us from the pulpit of love. Look at the divine Word-made-man, bathed in blood for our salvation: He wore a cloak that had been sprinkled in blood and his name was the Word of God. St. Vincent Strambi

September 25. The Blood of Jesus is our only hope and our only Good—this Blood, shed with so much pain and so much love for our eternal salvation. Let our hearts be filled with courage, fearing nothing, not even death, so that at every moment the Precious Blood be glorified, loved and blessed by all!  St. Maria de Mattias
September 26  I asked how it could be that the sacrifice of the Cross having been offered only once was sufficient to redeem all souls, while now being renewed so often it was not sufficient to sanctify them all.  This is the answer I thought I heard: The sacrifice is without any doubt sufficient by itself, and the Blood of Jesus Christ more than sufficient for the sanctification of a million worlds, but souls fail to correspond, they are not generous enough. Now the great means by which one may enter into the path of perfection and of holiness is to SURRENDER ONESELF to our good God.  St. Marie Victoire Therese Couderc
September 27. The blood of Christ is the source of all graces both natural and supernatural; and therefore, to envy is to indulge a spirit of sadness, that His blood is efficacious of all good, whereas by our sins we have merited everlasting punishment.  St. Vincent de Paul
September 28. Every person is the beloved creature of my God, and like myself is a creature created after the image and likeness of God.  And having fallen was redeemed, like myself, by the Blood of the Son of God my Saviour, and is called to everlasting life by the Word of God.  St. Tikhon of Zadansk
September 29. We need Saint Michael to put new hearts into into us in these days of universal heresy. But devotion to the Precious Blood, with its hymning of the Church and its blazoning of the Sacraments, will give us Michael's heart and craft to use Michael's sword.  Frederick Faber
September 30  The only fitting return that we can make to Jesus is to give blood for blood; and, as we are redeemed by the blood of Christ, gladly to lay down our lives for our Redeemer. What saint has ever won his crown without first contending for it? St. Jerome