Precious Blood Gems (December)
December 31, 2022
Fr. John Colacino C.PP.S.

December 1

All human beings are covered with Our Lord's blood, like a coat; for the love of God and of Jesus extend to all, to the point of his being consumed in the sacrifice of Calvary.  St. Charles de Foucauld

December 2

Turn to our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, contemplate His Passion and Death, the generous outpouring of His Blood for love of us. In repeating this frequently His Image and resemblance will be formed in our hearts, senses, soul, body, and all our being, as a seal is printed and formed in wax. Bl. Jan van Ruysbroeck

December 3

What can a true and fervent charity refuse to pay for the safety of those souls who have been redeemed with the blood of Jesus Christ? St. Francis Xavier

December 4

The bread and the wine are not merely figures of the body and blood of Christ (God forbid!) but the deified body of the Lord itself: for the Lord has said, "This is My body", not, "this is a figure of My body": and "My blood", not, "a figure of My blood". St. John Damascene

December 5

The Blood of our Lord, indeed is twofold. There is His corporeal Blood, by which we are redeemed from corruption; and His spiritual Blood, that with which we are anointed. That is to say, to drink the Blood of Jesus is to share in His immortality. The strength of the Word is the Spirit, just as the blood is the strength of the body.  St. Clement of Alexandria

December 6

Praise be to the Good One Who descended for our sake, became like unto us and healed our sores by His all-sanctifying flesh and His all-sanctifying blood! May all sing praises to Him! St. Ephrem the Syrian

December 7

It was indeed necessary that Christ should die for all people, so that through his cross every sin might find forgiveness and in his blood the stains of all the world be washed away. St. Ambrose of Milan

December 8

In secret the Precious Blood has done a work which may vie with the great work on  Calvary. It has effected the Immaculate Conception, wherein heaven was opened, and such abysses of grace poured out upon the earth. Fr. Frederick Faber

December 9

When Jesus Christ, the true Son of God, hung on the tree of His Passion, the Church, joined to Him in the secret mysteries of Heaven, was dowered with His crimson blood; as she herself shows when she often, approaches the altar and reclaims her wedding gift, carefully noting with what degree of devotion her children receive it when they come to the divine mysteries. St. Hildegard of Bingen

December 10

Jesus chose His Mother from all eternity. He conferred on her, with her divine motherhood, all the other privileges that we admire in her and that He paid for with his blood. We, too, must freely choose Mary as our Mother, rejoice in all her privileges and thank God for them. Bl. Columba Marmion

December 11

Blessed are You, O my Lord, who has created me and with your Precious Blood has redeemed me to give me eternal life, which is, indeed, Yourself. St. Clare of Assisi

December 12

From the community of will and suffering between Christ and Mary she merited to become most worthily the Reparatrix of the lost world and Dispensatrix of all the gifts that Our Savior purchased for us by His Death and by His Blood.  Pope St. Pius X

December 13

That blood which the Word, when He became incarnate, took from our human nature, He gave back to us—every drop of it—as the price of our redemption. And He gave it back, not as if constrained by anyone, but freely, because He willed to, because He loved us. Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene

December 14

Christ who is your life is hanging before you, so that you may look at the Cross as in a mirror. There you will be able to know how mortal were your wounds, that no medicine other than the Blood of the Son of God could heal. If you look closely, you will be able to realize how great your human dignity and your value are.... Nowhere other than looking at himself in the mirror of the Cross can man better understand how much he is worth. St. Anthony of Padua

December 15

How is it that we do not die of love in seeing that God Himself could do no more than shed His divine blood for us drop by drop? When as man He was preparing for death, He made Himself our food in order to give us life. God becomes food, bread for his creatures. Is this not enough to make us die of love? St. Teresa of Avila 

December 16 

Could one conceal a love that is so strong and just that it always increases and sees no reason to stop since its foundation is made from the cement of being repaid by another love? This other love can no longer be doubted, since it was shown so openly and with so many sufferings and trials, and with the shedding of blood, even to the point of death, in order that we might have no doubt about it. Bl. Mary of the Angels

December 17

Like a good and judicious conqueror, who does not disdain me, the least of your captives, you did not destroy me, but renewed me, who am sustained by your blood, compassionate Lord. St. Gregory of Narek

December 18

If the Son of God deigned to receive our flesh and to suffer in it so that he might make us at peace with God through the blood of his cross, certainly, according to what the apostle mentions, we ought in all things to be peacemakers. St. Chromatius of Aquileia

December 19

Jesus loves Mary most ardently because she cooperated with Him in the accomplishment of His great work of the Redemption of the world. Her cooperation was to, give Him a mortal body capable of suffering and of sustaining the torments of His Passion. She also imparted to Him the Precious Blood which He shed for us, and she offered that body, that blood, and that life as a sacrifice at the foot of the Cross. St. John Eudes

December 20 

Seek Jesus Christ with faith and love. Do not forget that He gave His life on the Cross for our sakes, to deliver us from sin and eternal torment, and to dwell in our hearts, that we might have great joy. Do not forget, we have all been bought with the price of His blood, and we should belong to Him, as to our Redeemer. St. John of Kronstadt

December 21

What wrongs I have done, what good left undone! Wash away, I beg you, these faults and stains  with your precious blood, most kind Redeemer, and make up for my poverty by applying your merits. St. Peter Canisius

December 22

If Christ's blood is a precious font of salvation for the world, that comes precisely from His being the Word made flesh for our salvation." Pope St. John Paul II

December 23

This, too, is mine, this blood which Christ my God poured out, In restitution for ancient longings, and as a ransom for the world. St. Gregory Nazianzen 

December 24

One must remember that the Blood of Christ shed for our sake and those members in which He offers to His Father the wounds He received, the price of our liberty, are no other than the flesh and blood of the virgin, since the flesh of Jesus is the flesh of Mary, and however much it was exalted in the glory of His resurrection, nevertheless the nature of His flesh derived from Mary remained and still remains the same. Pope Leo XIII

December 25

To be born of a Virgin was a great miracle, and the amazed evangelist wrote of it: All this happened, what then can we say of the Lord's sacrifice? For if the Lord’s birth was called all this, what should we call his crucifixion, the shedding of his blood, and his giving himself to us as a spiritual feast? St. John Chrysostom

December 26

Each time we fix our gaze on the image of Christ crucified, let us contemplate that He, as the true Servant of the Lord, has accomplished His mission, giving life, spilling His blood for the pardoning of sins. And let us not allow ourselves to be drawn to the other side, by the temptation of the Evil One. As a result, if we want to be his disciples, we are called to imitate him, expending our life unreservedly out of love of God and neighbour. Pope Francis

December 27

If we walk in the light, as God is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin. St. John the Evangelist

December 28

O adorable Blood of Jesus, wash our stains, save us from the anger of the avenging angel. Irrigate the Church; make her fruitful with Apostles and miracle-workers, enrich her with souls that are holy, pure and radiant with divine beauty. St. Albert the Great

December 29

Here I am ready to suffer in the name of He who redeemed me with His blood; God forbid that I should flee on account of your swords or that I should depart from righteousness. St. Thomas Becket

December 30

Sweet Jesus, I implore you, wash my soul with that blood and anoint and decorate my soul and my consciousness with that precious blood, and send me the grace, through your great compassion, to judge and criticize myself with full comprehension, so that my soul may be saved. Richard Rolle

December 31

How long are you going to be deaf to God’s call? Or are you going to lose your soul, which Jesus Christ bought at the price of His precious blood? St. John Francis Regis