Precious Blood Gems (June)
June 01, 2022
Fr. John Colacino C.PP.S.

June 1

As the blood of the passover saved those who were in Egypt, so also the blood of Christ will deliver from death those who have believed. St. Justin Martyr

June 2

Behold the church, in whatever way it may be considered, loved by the blood, noble in faith, strong in battle, invincible in authority. St. Gaspar del Bufalo

June 3

He who came to save sinners did not refuse mercy even to his murderers, but changed the evil of the wicked into the goodness of the believing, that God’s grace might be the more wonderful, being mercifully put in force, not according to our merits, but according to the multitude of the riches of God’s wisdom and knowledge, seeing that they also who had shed the Saviour’s blood were received into the baptismal flood. Pope St. Leo the Great

June 4

My most beloved Lord, how good you are! Blood of Christ shed for me! It is mine, do not deny it to me because it is mine! O priests, strive to offer Mass everyday, inebriate yourselves with this blood. O Paradise, O Paradise, Blessed are those who live in your house, O Lord. Saint Francis Caracciolo

June 5

You repose, Holy Spirit, in creatures who dispose themselves so that, by receiving your gifts, they may in purity receive your own image in themselves. You repose in those who receive in themselves the effect of the blood of the Word, and make themselves worthy dwelling-places for you. St. Mary Magdalene of the Incarnate Word de’Pazzi

June 6

O most merciful Lord, engrave you wounds upon my heart with your most Precious Blood, that I may read in them both your grief and your love.  St. Gertrude the Great

June 7

We possess a double token of our salvation, the twofold outpouring of blood and Spirit. St. Bernard of Clairvaux

June 8

Christ’s Blood "purifies the conscience from dead works."  We know that the result of such a purification is the forgiveness of sins. Therefore, whoever rejects the Spirit and the Blood remains in "dead works," in sin. Pope St. John Paul II

June 9

Fire threatens my members, O Lord; but concealed within me, O my Deliverer, is Thy reconciling blood. Gehenna awaits to torture me, but Thy life-creating body is intimately united with mine. I am clothed in the garment of the Holy Spirit, and I shall not even be singed. When the river of fire begins to rumble, threatening vengeance, then will the fire be extinguished in me, smitten by the scent of Thy flesh and blood. St. Ephrem of Syria

June 10

The spiritual structure, the Church community of humankind sanctified by the Blood of Christ and by Spirit of the Risen Lord, asks each one of us to be consistent with the gift of the faith and to undertake a journey of Christian witness. Pope Francis

June 11

It was for this reason that the Lord endured to deliver up his flesh to corruption, that we should be sanctified by the remission of sin, that is, by his sprinkled blood. Letter of Barnabas

June 12

By cleansing us in His precious Blood, Jesus endowed our souls anew with the capacity of receiving the divine gift of sanctifying grace. We could once again participate in the divine nature and life; thus Jesus restored us to our original dignity as living temples of the glorious Trinity. Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene

June 13

A drop of the most precious Blood, which flows from that tree planted in the paradise of delight [cf. Gen 2.8], beside the flowing waters [Ps 1.3], for the reconciliation of the human race. O soul, take to yourself this balm, and anoint your wounds: for this is the best and most efficacious of all medicines for healing wounds, for giving relief and infusing grace. St. Anthony of Padua

June 14

O loving, tender Word of God, You tell me: “I have marked the path and opened the gate with My Blood; do not be negligent in following it, but take the same road which I, eternal Truth, have traced out with My Blood.” St. Catherine of Siena

June 15

Is anyone’s blood fit to redeem him or her, seeing that it was Christ who shed his blood for the redemption of all? Is anyone’s blood comparable to Christ’s? Is anyone great enough to make atonement for himself over and above the atonement which Christ has offered in himself, Christ who alone has reconciled the world to God by his blood? What greater victim, what more excellent sacrifice, what better advocate can there be than he who became the propitiation for the sins of all, and gave his life for us as our redemption? St. Ambrose of Milan

June 16

It is by the Blood of Jesus that the soul becomes ever more and more radiant. It is the secret source of all mystical transformations of the soul into the likeness of its Crucified Spouse. Fr. Frederick Faber

June 17

Christ calls upon us lovingly, begging us to accept the benefit of His meritorious and most Precious Blood. And those who trust Him He takes under His special protection. He marks out their whole life for them; He appoints all that happens to them; He guides them in such way as to secure their salvation  St. John Henry Newman

June 18

True peace is in the pure and sweet side of the Lamb, Jesus, where all the just and purged souls  are united in his precious blood. Bl. Osanna Andreasi

June 19

Christ shed his blood for our ransom and purification, so that we might be redeemed from our wretched state of bondage and cleansed from all sin. But to ensure that the memory of so great a gift would abide with us for ever, he left his body as food and his blood as drink for the faithful to consume in the form of bread and wine. St. Thomas Aquinas

June 20

My Lord, give me the sweet assurance of salvation in the fullness of our grace…where your appearance is our eternal guide, and where all sadness has an end and all joy is assured by the source of living water…My Lord, may you pour into us yourself and pour your rich gifts over us in full grace!  Purify us and cleanse us from all our sins by the Holy Blood of your sacred wounds. Blessed Margaret Ebner

June 21

Whereas the Old Testament was ratified with the blood of a brute beast, the New Testament was ratified with the blood of a rational man, and of that man who was also God, that is to say, with the blessed blood of our holy Saviour himself. St. Thomas More

June 22

Christ offered sacrifice here on earth, when he underwent his most bitter death. Then, clothed in the new garment of immortality, with his own blood he entered into the holy of holies, that is, into heaven. There he also displayed before the throne of the heavenly Father that blood of immeasurable price which he had poured out seven times on behalf of all people subject to sin. This sacrifice is so pleasing and acceptable to God that as soon as he has seen it he must immediately have pity on us and extend clemency to all who are truly repentant. St. John Fisher

June 23

Because John the Baptist said concerning the Lord, “Behold the Lamb of God,” was not John himself a lamb? Was he not a holy man? Was he not the friend of the Bridegroom? Wherefore, with a special meaning, said John of Him, “This is the Lamb of God,” because solely by the blood of this Lamb alone could men and women be redeemed. St. Augustine of Hippo

June 24

The precious Blood is the price of universal redemption, which love would not have to be anything less than itself.  There is a very close connection between the Heart and the Blood not only because, according to saint John, after the death of Jesus, blood and water flowed from his wounded Heart, but because of the first chalice in which that divine Blood was consecrated and vivified was precisely the Heart of the incarnate Word. Bl. Ildefonso Schuster

June 25

Jesus and Mary offered one holocaust to God; Mary by the blood of her heart; Christ by the blood of his body. Arnold of Chartres

June 26

Every soul is a wonderful treasure; everyone is unique and irreplaceable. Every single person is worth all the blood of Christ. St. Josemaria Escriva

June 27

Death has been defeated by the blood of Christ. For the holy crowd of the fathers was saved, and, even more, the whole race from far back and before him. For he died for all, and the death of all was destroyed in him. For not by the blood of the prophets, but in the most recent blood of Christ and with him we have escaped the destroyer. St. Cyril of Alexandria

June 28

The Lord has thus redeemed us through his own blood, giving his soul for our souls, and his flesh for our flesh, and has also poured out the Spirit of the Father for the union and communion of God and humanity, imparting indeed God to men and women by means of the Spirit, and, on the other hand, attaching humanity to God by His own incarnation, and bestowing upon us at his coming immortality, durably and truly, by means of communion with God.  St. Irenaeus of Lyons

June 29

You know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors, but with the precious blood of Christ, a lamb without blemish or defect. St. Peter the Apostle

June 30

Consider the motives that would lead you to have confidence and in which are placed the reasons for hope. They are the infallible promises of God, his infinite mercies toward all believers, the immense merits of the precious blood of Jesus Christ, rivers of which were shed and given to us for our salvation, of which a single drop, of infinite value, is enough to cancel the sins of the entire universe, enough to save the souls of everyone in the world, enough to bestow the greatest and most desirable heavenly graces. Bl. Gennaro Maria Sarnelli